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Thread: New Ys game pics?

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    by Hachiko the akita dog


    Oh yea!! So This is a PC game? I guess I should have known it was from the box shot.

    but If not,,, how on earth did you get such amazingly beautiful screenshots from a ps2 game??

    That game looks great! I try so hard to wait for english versions, but I do give in sometimes.

    I beat Dirge Of Cerebrus in japanese. It rocked.

    so you were still able to follow the story?
    I can imagine if the battle system is typical Ys that it would be easiy to play in Japanese.
    be mae-muki.

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    Yep, it's for PC, sorry I didn't clarify that earlier. As for story specifics, I know a few things, and I know there's a lot more I'm missing, but I never got lost once during my first or second play-throughs. After completeing the game with the two primary characters, a new playable chacter is added called The Claw. I've been told that the Scenario with the Claw has the real meat of the story, and I know many things are different when you play as him, I just haven't gotten there yet.

    The gameplay is typical Ys, with Yunica being the closest one to Adol I'd say.
    Hugo Fact is quite different, he uses magic and can shoot long distances, and it really seems like a different game with him.

    The soundtrack release date has been announced as March 29, and it is an excellent soundtrack, highly recommended!
    Though I'm sure CocoeBiz will be carrying the soundtrack, you can get a look at Falcom's official page for it here:
    The tracklist is even in English.
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    by Hachiko the akita dog


    Nice link.

    from the track list, That even looks like it will be a great sondtrack...
    I hated Ark of Naphistim ost. (usa version) boss theme was Ok I guess.

    The Claw?? Does he wear a mask?

    Hugo can only use magic? sounds like a good one. Would you say that any of these chars outshine Adol?

    Also, Do you know who does the character designs for ys?.. on the Ys OST album covers, do you happen to know who does that artwork?? I love the covers of the albums and the art in the cd booklets.

    I am sure I can Google it but I tried to no avail. Im not a good googler.
    be mae-muki.

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    The Claw has white hair and a scar, but no mask. From what I've seen, the claw is extremely fast, Hugo is kind of slow (playing with him now), but Yunica resembles Adol the most. I can't say they outshine him, but in my experience you can really tell you're playing a different character.

    Character designers? Right now, I don't know. I suspect it's someone different for each game though. Same goes for the album covers. I have a Falcom art book that may shed light on that if I can get some of the info translated.

    I almost forgot! Here is a link to Falcom's page where you can see illustrations of all the characters:
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    by Hachiko the akita dog

    Thumbs up

    Great info! And awesome link!! Thank you!! I bookmarked that.

    The Ys artbooks are rare. I tried to get the big one that was about $60.00 on but they said it was OOP.

    I was outbid on Yahoo Japan auctions for an even higher price.

    Man, I am all geared up to hear the music to this game.

    When We first started talking about YS I got all nostalgic and started listening to some of my osts.
    The dashing hero sound never fails to give a shiver.

    Thanks again for that link.
    be mae-muki.

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    Did you listen to the music samples at Falcom's site yet?
    Those are just the tip of the iceberg. This soundtrack has all the Ys trademarks, it makes the game a joy to play. There's rock, synth, some fantastic violin work, along with some great piano stuff too. You won't be disappointed.

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    Hey, I just got an English translation of the main plot. In the game, it is spoken in French, so it was easier to get it translated I guess:

    "In days of yore, existed a legendary country known as Ys.

    With the intervention of the Twin Goddesses and the Six Saints, this great country was prosperous.

    A precious treasure was kept by the Goddesses :

    The Black Pearl. A stone known for its mysterious powers.

    With magic, one could create miracles.

    With the Cleria, one could amplify this magic power.

    Thanks to these, it was believed the power of Ys would last for an eternity.

    Yet, disaster struck Ys all of a sudden.

    Legions of demonic monsters appeared and began to invade the kingdom.

    It didn't take long for the evil forces to reduce the land to ruins.

    Then, all the fleeing inhabitants were driven back to the Temple of Salomon.

    Those events looked like as what could be described as the end of the world.

    It is the Black Pearl that saved Ys from ruin, as it rose the Temple to the Heavens.

    Yet, this situation didn't last long, as soon enough, the demons built another tower.

    And a swarm of winged monsters headed in direction of the sanctuary...

    Ys was on the brink of collapse !

    Even worse, a unforeseen event occured at the Temple of Salomon.

    The Twin Goddesses, descendants of Ys, disappeared.

    In this desperate situation, the Six Saints took up a resolution.

    In order to form a group to look for the Goddesses, they decided to choose amongst the kingdom's bravest knights and wizards.

    At last, the Saints sent those warriors in direction of the scorched land."

    I hope that can shed some light on the object of the game.

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