I just sneaked into the DVD I received yesterday, watching the first song of the concert as well as all the extra stuff (I'm saving the rest for this evening to enjoy in full glory). The quality of the video is very good (except the places where the DVD editor played with digital zoom and AE effects *cough* especially in the studio recording video where this is very excessive, did the editor try to apply "progressive rock" to the picture quality? *cough*).

Anyway why I wanted to write this: I already mentioned Yoshiharu Gotanda in another post of mine (did I already say I adore him? =P), and it was a great delight for me to see him taking part in the interview clip. And geeze, he looks young. (According to the sparse information I found about him so far he was aged ~18 when he programmed Hiouden for SFC in 1993/94...) He kind of looks like a running joke in the interview, appearing like a young overly happy fanboy, enjoying the presence of his (older) stars. ;) (Nb: Yoshiharu Gotanda is credited as executive producer of the DVD. =P) And Motoi Sakuraba looks shy, someone needs to cut his hair in front of his eyes so he can see something again. ;)

Ah, I'm ranting, sorry... =P